Amnesty International

Our Mission

Amnesty International is an independent global movement of people from all walks of life who campaign courageously for human rights.  We call on governments or companies to uphold, create or change laws or policies that will protect human rights.  We send experts on missions into countries where human rights abuses are occurring to investigate and report. We work with the world's media to expose human rights abuses and call the guilty to justice. We sign petitions, write letters and take online actions directed at governments, groups or individuals. We support human rights advocates and activists defending human rights in their own countries.  Amnesty International has a record of real achievement.  We know this because the people we work for and with have told us about the effect Amnesty's efforts have had on their lives. Each day we move closer to a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

A gift in your Will to defend human rights far into the future, for generations to come

People of all ages have included Amnesty International Australia in their Will. We do not accept any money from governments or political parties, allowing us to maintain full independence from governments, political ideologies, economic interests or religions.  This allows us to remain completely impartial and ensure that no-one is above scrutiny. Like no other gift, bequests keep Amnesty International's flame burning far into the future, enabling us to plan ahead, increase our effectiveness and develop strategies for defending human rights. As a Bequestor, you will feel the benefits too. Suddenly, your Will speaks much more powerfully about who you are and what you believe in. You will live life knowing that, one day, you will have a lasting impact on the lives of future generations. Importantly also, a bequest is a living decision - simple to make, easy to arrange and personally very rewarding.

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