Australian Red Cross

Red Cross is always there for people in need, providing relief in times of crisis and care for the most vulnerable in Australia and around the world.

In times of conflict or natural disaster our volunteers are committed to putting our humanitarian values to work, offering practical assistance and support at any time of the day or night - no questions asked.With more than 100 million volunteers worldwide and 60,000 members and volunteers in Australia we can reach people and places like nobody else.

Red Cross is committed to helping those in need in our community, from providing breakfast for hungry children every day to supporting the elderly and isolated in their own homes. Australian Red Cross is part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation, with more than 100 million volunteers in 186 countries. We are independent of government and have no political, religious or cultural affiliation.

Put us where we’re needed. Please put in your Will.

If you were to witness a crisis today – a road accident, a house fire, a neighbour in difficulty or, further from home, a famine, earthquake or war – your first instinct would probably be to help.

Now you can put that instinct – so powerful, so human – at the heart of your Will by including a gift to Australian Red Cross. For almost 100 years we have helped people in crisis – you can ensure we are still here to help for years to come.

For more information about including Red Cross in your Will call us now on 1800 649 685, email or fill out the attached form.

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