Greenpeace Australia Pacific Ltd

Greenpeace is an independent non-profit organisation campaigning to ensure a peaceful and sustainable world for future generations. We have celebrated many important environmental successes over the years, using proven methods of campaigning, detailed planning, scientific research and creative action. But we do not achieve this alone.

We rely on thoughtful people like you to fund our work – people who care deeply about protecting our precious Earth for generations to come. As a matter of principle we don’t accept money from governments, businesses or lobby groups as this would compromise our independence and integrity. Every gift in every Will helps ensure Greenpeace can continue to be the voice that our planet so desperately needs.

The challenges we face are formidable – like saving our endangered species, protecting ancient growth forests, defending our fragile oceans and saving our climate. It takes courage and above all persistence to make a positive, long-term change. That’s why Greenpeace plans to be around for as long as it takes to restore and strengthen our natural world. It’s why a gift to Greenpeace in your Will, no matter what size, can make such a difference.

Established in Canada in 1971, Greenpeace now has a presence in more than 40 countries. Greenpeace Australia was founded in 1977 and joined with the Pacific region in 1998. Today, Greenpeace Australia Pacific has over 100,000 supporters.


Greenpeace Australia Pacific Ltd
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