Hunter Medical Research Institute

HMRI accelerates the translation of world-class medical research into clinical best-practice and policy to improve community health and well-being. Established in 1998, HMRI is one of NSW’s largest medical research institutes, with over 1600 affiliated researchers, students and support staff conducting world-class research in a multitude of serious illnesses, such as: cancer, heart disease, children’s illnesses, respiratory diseases (such as asthma and COPD), Indigenous health issues, stillbirth and premature birth.
HMRI funding supports health and medical research at all stages, from basic molecular science and pre-clinical trials to human clinical trials and models of care to inform and deliver evidence-based medical treatments, protocols and health policy.
The medical and health care that we enjoy today has resulted from decades of studies, clinical trials and “unexpected discoveries” by researchers and clinicians. Doctors and scientists working together have significantly improved diagnosis, treatment and preventative interventions for many diseases and medical conditions, however there is still much more to do. 

How a gift in your Will can help

Each year, for every research project HMRI funds, two can’t even be started because there’s simply not enough money.
Through your bequest, HMRI’s research can change and improve the lives of so many people. All bequests are gratefully received – whether they are big or small – as they all help us to fund more research projects and deliver better outcomes to your family, friends and loved ones.

Hunter Medical Research Institute
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