Model Charity

Model Charity

Model Charity is committed to providing online stories for Australian families. Find over 200 stories written and illustrated by Australians that will enchant people of all ages. Model Charity is suitable for people from non-English speaking backgrounds, adults and children with reading difficulties as well as accomplished and exceptional readers.

We have many projects underway and rely entirely on charitable gifts from members of the public for gifts and bequests.

We would welcome your generous gift from your estate if you chose to make such a gift.

You can use this web site to create a will with a gift to our charitable fund. We recognise all gifts in due course. Think of the people in need and the good purposes you are benefiting with your gift in the future.

If the wills available on this site are not able to be used by you or fit your circumstances or requests then we ask that you contact the legal referral firm from this site. They will help you prepare a will which reflects your intentions and leaves the gift you wish to help us in our work after you are gone.

Thank you

We welcome a gift from your estate to help in our work. Please use this web site to create a will with a gift to us.

Model Charity
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