All of us would like to leave this world knowing we are passing on a healthy and thriving planet to our family and our friends. One of the most significant ways to show your support and passion for the conservation of the planet and all that lives upon it is to leave a bequest to WWF-Australia in your Will.

WWF is the world's largest and most respected conservation organisation with more than 50 years' experience at an international level, and more than 34 years of operation in Australia. WWF-Australia is uniquely placed to work locally and internationally to develop, embrace and implement lasting solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

Through our global conservation projects we aim to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, preserving biodiversity so that we all benefit and enjoy our precious gift. The Earth.

It is thanks to WWF's bequestors that we are able to run hundreds of conservation projects, protect thousands of threatened species and improve millions of people's lives - today and far into the future.

A bequest to WWF is a personal gift of great importance and a lasting legacy to your conservation and environmental beliefs and values.

For more information about including WWF-Australia in your Will please call Christine Robinson on 02 8228 6822 or email crobinson@wwf.org.au

GPO Box 528

NSW 2001

02 8228 6822
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